S.A.M.I. National Conference Schedule
April 19 - 20. Where do we go from here: Re-energizing the Black Students Movement
Twerk for Justice 3: The Official After Party
The official afterpart for the S.A.M.I. National Conference. Friday, April 19 at Sankofa. Performances by Stef is Dope, Head Roc, Nate Greyski, & Mzery Loves Company
SAMI National Conference
April 19 - 20 at Howard University, the purpose of the conference is to: 1) educate students and the community about the prison industrial complex and political prisoners 2) form a network of Black student organizers 3) provide students with a skill set to organize grassroots campaigns related to prison issues...
Introducing S.A.M.I.\'s Bars vs. Bars Mixtapes!
SAMI recognizes the instrumental role artistry and culture plays in priming the minds of the people. Just as the Black Arts Movement helped shape the consciousnesses of Black youth toward Black Power during the 1960’s and 70’s, SAMI seeks to...


Since it’s founding in 2011 at Howard University, Students Against Mass Incarceration has spread to six campuses and continues to grow each year. Check out the chapters here, or learn how to start a SAMI chapter!

Unity & Struggle

Unity & Struggle is S.A.M.I’s newsletter dedicated to raising awareness and building a nationwide movement around the issues of mass incarceration, political prisoners, recidivism, and related matters. Check out our archived newsletters, or keep up with the movement on our new Unity & Struggle blog!


The mission of Students Against Mass Incarceration is to raise awareness on campuses and in communities of the prison industrial complex, existence of political prisoners, police brutality, and recidivism. Read more

Every generation out of relative obscurity must find its mission, fulfill it or betray it.


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